Valentina Monetta

Valentina Monetta was born on March 1st, 1975 in the Republic of San Marino. She is a jazz and funky singer. She is very well known to the Eurovision world being at her fourth participation.
Since her last participation, Valentina Monetta prefers singing live with different musicians in Italy and in Europe to promote her music.
Currently she’s still performing with her band Myfunky Valentine and also collaborating with a huge Acid jazz live band called ‘’Live tropical fish’’.

Jimmie Wilson

Jimmie Wilson, singer/songwriter, born in Detroit, Michigan came to Europe as the star of Michael Jackson’s musical SISTERELLA and now lives in Germany. In 2010, he starred as President Obama in the musical "HOPE". As a major highlight in his career he joins legendary producer Ralph Siegel and Valentina Monetta in the ESC 2017 Team San Marino with the song SPIRIT OF THE NIGHT. His life’s motto is “life is a journey – enjoy the ride”. Jimmie’s new album "SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL" is available online.

Ralph Siegel

Ralph Siegel, born in Munich 1945
At 13, he started taking lessons in harmony and composition and studied various instruments such as piano, accordion, guitar and drums. After graduation, he spent years in Paris, Nashville and New York and started his professional career at the age of 20, as composer, lyricist, producer and publisher.
He wrote the Eurovision Song Contest winner 1982 („A Little Peace“ with Nicole), and participated 24 times-amongst others „Theater“, „Johnny Blue“, „Let The Sunshine in Your Heart“, “Journey to Jerusalem”, “We’re giving a Party”- all in the Top 3.
His statement: Music is still my life and the ESC is the most wonderful possibility to present a song as a Composer, that millions of people around the world can hear and hopefully like. As a producer I love to help great artists to be able to show their talent and touch the heart of the audience. This is my 25. Participation and I want to thank all my Artist and Musicians that joined me on this long journey.

Steven Barnacle

Steven Barnacle English musician,composer,lyricist,with extensive experience with many famous people, likes to bring an English feel to his words and music, loves the challenge of working with different people from different backgrounds and countries to see if the mix works, always in search of magic!

Jutta Staudenmayer

Jutta Staudenmayer, a German singer and lyricist who was many years on stage for concerts, specializes in lyrics in all genres of rock, pop and classical music TV Shows and children's songs. She has previously worked on many successful projects. The essence of the language and their emotion, and the craft of rhyme and metric is its unique selling point. She says about herself: a song can change your life in just one moment.