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John Kennedy O'Connor spokesperson for San Marino

San Marino RTV announces today that the historian and journalist John Kennedy O'Connor will be the spokesperson for San Marino in the 2013 ESC edition. Mr. O'Connor will fly south towards the tiny Republic for the uplink rehearsal on May 17th and be the speaker for the San Marino votes in the Grand Final on the 18th. San Marino welcomes and appreciates Mr. o'Connor's work and dedication for the biggest TV music contest in the world and wishes the best luck for this new challenge.

The previews with John Kennedy O'Connor

The 39 official videoclips are now released. In this link
you will find John Kennedy O'Connor's comments on all participating countries.

London flies like a Chrisalis

Valentina premiered the English version of Crisalide, San Marino 2013 entry, at the London Eurovision Party. Chrisalis (you'll be flying) has opened her performance on the Shadow Lounge stage in Soho. Fans loved it and her performance continued with a song written by Valentina herself ('Se parlerà') and one by Etta James ('At last'). The concert was not over until the crowd asked (and obtained) the Sammarinese singer to give them the most beloved entry: Crisalide, which was followed by a chanting audience. You feel loved and respected after such experience, two good reasons to ask yourself why leaving London, or better, why not coming back in the future and stay there to enjoy the singing city and all its opportunities.
Thanks to escXtra:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLVwHyee7_I
Thanks to esckaz:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GueV-WW9n0U
Valentina singing 'Crisalide': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GFh7S1NvWY

Amsterdam is a confirm for Valentina

I was there in Amsterdam for the 5th edition of the Eurovision in concert. The Melkweg was full, no, overfull. I was standing at the bottom of the hall, shooting the performances. I stopped for a while, is it happening? The hosts are introducing Valentina, staying silent for a while, and the audience starts to sing: Vola Vola. I'm a bit too far for the camera, the sound is not great, unfortunately. Valentina now gets in and you can watch the rest by clicking here: Live in Amsterdam

Chrisalis to be premiered live in London

Sunday 21st, Shadow Lounge, Soho, London: do not miss the date. There is where the English version of the San Marino ESC 2013 entry 'Chrisalis' (you'll be flying) will be premiered. After the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, Valentina Monetta will also attend the London Eurovision Party and she will perform the song with English lyrics live for the very first time. Londoners are invited!

English version of Crisalide maybe in Amsterdam

Chrisalis (you'll be flying) will be the English title of the English version of Crisalide, 2013 San Marino entry. The new version could be premiered next Saturday April 13th in the Eurovision in Concert to be held in Amsterdam or in the London event the following week at the latest. Valentina Monetta is taking part to both international events and still it has to be decided which of the two stages will host the first live performance of the English version of the song.

New York University in San Marino

Students of the New York University will come and visit San Marino on April 24th. After visiting the National public Broadcaster San Marino RTV they will visit the centre and...meet Valentina Monetta. Yes, because they are studying in Florence and follow the course of Professor Dean Vuletic on Eurovision. They're focusing on Eurovison Song Contest in terms of nation branding and indeed it is what San Marino is doing since some years participating in the greatest non sportive TV show in the world.

Why do we trust SVT - by HoD Alessandro Capicchioni

There's a lot of talk about the running order of the Semi Finals decided by the Swedish National broadcaster SVT. Many people write on blogs and use words as facilitate one country or hide another one. I can't say I know Christer Björkman very well, but what I know of him is that he would do nothing to ruin ESC and its spirit. He has been trying to win Eurovision for more than ten years: first as a singer and then as Art Director, Executive Producer (or what else) of the Melodifestival, and therefore he has been in charge of the Swedish participation at the ESC. Melodifestival as a TV show has never been so successful as in these 10 last years. He had an aim: to make the better TV show possible. And that is what he's bringing to ESC: his experience, his willingness to improve the show. He (and Martin Österdahl - the Executive Producer of the shows and their team) is not thinking of the countries themselves, but only thinking of the songs. Crister would never bargain the passion of a lifetime for such a small income.

Commentators announced

Lia Fiorio and Gigi Restivo have been confirmed as TV commentators of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest shows aired by San Marino RTV. For the third time in a row they will commenting the three shows to be aired though DTT, Satellite and on Radio San Marino. Their work was particularly appreciated in the past years, so there was nothing easier for the TV than to confirm the experienced radio DJ couple.