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Valentina Monetta

Valentina Monetta was born on March 1st, 1975 in the Republic of San Marino. She is the second of two children, her father is from Calabria and her mother is San Marinese. Valentina spent her childhood in San Marino where she attended primary and secondary schools. She then graduated from the high school for arts “Giovanni da Rimini” in Rimini.

In her childhood she discovered the love for music, listening in a tireless way to various musical styles, creating and forming over time a specific taste. Although she has not dealt with an academic background, she had studied piano and singing by herself, reaching the same professional high quality.

Starting from 1995, she has been working with the best local musicians, becoming a versatile singer with a great talent for improvisation; her voice is both colourful and versatile, ranging from jazz to melodic Italian, from soul to r&b and pop.

Valentina's artistic versatility has allowed her to deal with varied work experience as a singer, actor and presenter, and she had even composed the music and written the lyrics to her first solo album, a celebratory work of personal and professional balance, releasing the CD "IL MIO GIOCO PREFERITO" available on iTunes, recorded with the trio My Funky Valentine (Simone Migani on piano, Massimiliano Castri on drums, Alex Gorbi on bass).

Tracks from the album include "DAMMI UN SEGNO", "UNA GIORNATA BELLISSIMA", "L’AMORE VERRA’ ", "THINK ABOUT", "DI MIA PROPRIETA’ " (in collaboration with F. Raggi for the lyrics) and “SE PARLERA’ ".

In 1995 Valentina started an adventure with her first band "Tiberio", and soon thereafter formed the "Parafunky". She was also part of the group 2Black, who remix the famous "IN ALTO MARE" by Loredana Berte, as well as forming the female vocal duo Harem'B. In 2002, with the project "CHARME", she released the single "SHARP" for Sony Music, and collaborated with the band "Bluesmobile".

In 2012 she took part in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan, on behalf of the Republic of San Marino.

In March of 2012 she has worked with Fabrizio Raggi staging the show “MA CHE DIFFERENZA FA”, a tribute to Ornella Vanoni in which Valentina shows her singing and acting talent.

In August 2012, still directed by Raggi, she was the protagonist of "CAMELIA", a musical commissioned by UNICEF, in which Valentina presented her songs together with covers of some great Italian singers and songwriters. She was also a special guest on the CD of LUCA FLORIAN, percussionist in the song "MOLTO DI PIU' ", produced by Mario Biondi.

Her most recent experiences are all with her live band MY FUNKY VALENTINE. Performing live for Valentina is crucial. She really loves the stage, having contact with the public, with her band, she creates a fact in the "here and now" of the scene; in that way she feels to be an active part of a unique artistic process, in which she assumes the risk of transmitting something real and concrete, becoming a free artist, and a free woman.

With her songs, she tells of human suffering, sometimes with irony, sometimes with sarcasm; love is a key element that is at the same time protagonist and antagonist. In her songs, on the stage, she wants to create a concrete fact, without deceit, without covers, making it a unique singer-songwriter style with great singing talent and musicality in the blood.

She is influenced by her musical idols Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Erika Badu, Caterina Valente and Ornella Vanoni .

Ralph 'Mr. Eurovision' Siegel

Ralph Siegel, a native of Munich, was born on September 30,1945 – shortly after the end of World War II. His father was a composer and lyricist, his mother an opera singer – no wonder that Ralph began dedicating his life to music at a very early age.
At 13, he started taking lessons in harmony and composition and, at the same time, studied various instruments such as piano, accordion, guitar and drums. After graduation, he spent some years in Paris, Nashville and New York in order to learn the trade and then came back to his hometown of Munich, starting his professional career at the age of 20. Ever since, he has been busy as composer, lyricist, producer and publisher.
1974 was the foundation year of his own record company, which he named Jupiter-Records – one of the most successful independent labels in Germany. World hits like Silver Convention – „Fly Robin Fly“, „Get Up And Boogie!“, Penny McLean – „Lady Bump“, „1-2-3-4 ... Fire!“, Dee D. Jackson – „Automatic Lover“, Genghis Khan – „Moscow“ etc. and artists such as Germany’s Eurovision Song Contest winner Nicole („A little Peace“), The Bellamys, Angelika Milster, Robin Beck, Angela Wiedl, Fancy and Chris Roberts have made the label a well-established, renowned name. Jupiter-Records have also opened a dance divisions Sixty-nine-Records , a Pop Label Chips-Records and EURO SONG Records. Ralph also produced artists such as Al Bano Carrisi, Peter Alexander, Chris Roberts, Roberto Blanco, Karel Gott, Mireille Matthieu & Patrick Duffy, Vicky Leandros, Roland Kaiser and Nana Mouskouri, just to name a few.
His publishing activities have also been very successful for 30 years now, his company Siegel Music Companies being one of the leading German independent publishers.
Ralph himself has written far more than 2.000-recorded songs and hit the Top 100 Charts more than 100 times. Many of his compositions have reached top chart positions worldwide – however, the list of his national and international hits would fill numerous pages.
Besides writing songs, he wrote the musical shows „Winnetou“ with Pierre Brice, „Corrida“ with Genghis Khan and nowadays, „Clowntown“. He also contributed musical scores to movies such as „Âhlan Wasahlan“, „Schloss Königswald“ and to TV series like „Der Sonne entgegen“, „Oppen und Ehrlich“ and many more.
Ralph Siegel is very proud of the fact that he was given the Paul-Lincke-Ring in 1983 – a very exceptional German musical award given only to one person every 2 years and the
Price of the Phono Academy The “ ECHO - Lifetime Achievement “.
As well as:
Eurovision Song Contest winner 1982 („A Little Peace“ with Nicole) – as for the Eurovision Song Contest, he is probably one of the most successful composer for this competition. 18 times in the Final– with hits such as „Theater“ (Second in Den Haag}, „Johnny Blue“{Second in Dublin), „Let The Sunshine in Your Heart“(Second in Brussels ),( Journey to Jerusalem – Kudüs’e Seyahat“,( third in Jerusalem)We’re giving a Party(Third in Dublin) „Genghis Khan“ (Fourth in Jerusalem), Million seller “Le Papa Pinguin” and many others in the Top fifteen etc.
Other awards are:
The Golden Lion of Radio Luxemburg.
The Golden Europa
The Word Music Award Of Excellence
Federal Cross of Merit
Order of the Bavarian Empire
And others like Bambi,
Golden Stimmgabel, etc

Mauro Balestri

Mauro Balestri was born in La Spezia (Italy) on 01/08/1965, from childhood he had an artistic vision of the world mainly influenced by grandparents and his painter uncle. Alongside his technical studies he developed a great passion for music.

Under the guidance of Walter Calloni (PFM, Fabrizio De Andrè, Lucio Battisti, etc.) and privately with Giulio Capiozzo (Area, and others) he studied drums and started working both in studio and live with various artists and bands. He joined the "Italian Extravaganza" band with whom he recorded the album "L'età del ferro", produced by Th Mc Lindsay of the historic Italian producer Ennio Melis which was released in 1995 by Sony. This was followed by a time of intense live performances and in 1996 he started work on the project "Shipwrecks" which included the trumpeter Paolo Fresu and percussionist Naco (who died prematurely).

His great love for Hermetic literature, poetry and melodic expression led him to write many original songs for his then band the Eternit, for which he was also the drummer, and recorded with them several demos. In 2000 he recorded the album "Meglio illusi che chiusi" with the band Exit, distributed by Sony, which includes ten original songs written by him, produced by Target of Angelo Carrara (Franco Battiato, Ligabue, Alice, etc..).

In the spring of 2010 he decided to reduce his live performances to devote himself to the profession of surveyor, teaching poetry and meditation and writing songs.

He currently works as a lyricist with the german composer, producer and musician Ralph Siegel.

Mauro Balestri lives in Licciana Nardi (MS) Italy, in the Lunigiana countryside.


Fabrizio Raggi

Fabrizio Raggi is the art director of the Sammarinese participation. He graduated in1995 at the 'International Academy of Theatre' in Rome. He took part in many important theatre production with actors and directors like Giorgio Albertazzi, Dario Fo, Giuseppe Patroni Griffi , Gigi Proietti, Ugo Gregoretti, Antonio Calenda, Maurizio Scaparro, Carlo Croccolo, Luciano Melchionna, Adriana Martino.
He collaborated in film productions with Aurelio Grimaldi, Roberto Herlitzca, Valerio Dannunzio, Berardo Carboni, Franco Branciaroli, Manuele Cerman, Simone Scafidi.
He worked in the following TV series: La squadra, R.I.S., Don Matteo, Ispettore Coliandro, La Ladra and in the Italian soap Cento Vetrine.
He directed works by Dante Alighieri, Manuel Puig, Alan Bennet, Federico Fellini, C. De Lacios and many others.
He's also an actor coach for stage and set for actors and singers.
He's a teacher at the San Marino 'Voice Academy del Canto e del Teatro' and at the Free Mistake Project acting school in Rome.
In January he joined the San Marino RTV eurovision project for the 4th participation of the Republic of San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest.