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Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Bulgaria 2015

Junior Eurovision Song Contest

San Marino partecipa allo Junior Eurovision Song Contest con la bambina russa Camilla Ismailova 11 anni e con un brano che si chiama 'Mirror', di Andrelli / Josefin Glenmark / Piero Romitelli / Kamilla Ismailova. L'Eurovision Junior si svolgerà all'Arena Armeec di Sofia il 21 Novembre.

Camilla Ismailova, 11 years old

11-year old Kamilla Ismailova is a young singer, actress, and TV presenter from Moscow – but music is her true love!

Despite being born and raised in Russia, Kamilla will represent the Republic of San Marino in Junior Eurovision 2015 - and this did not come about purely by chance! Kamilla visited San Marino in her early childhood, and since then this small country has taken a place in her heart. The language, the feeling, the people and their pace of life, and the traditions of the country all made a big impression on Kamilla, who promised herself that someday she would be connected with the country again.

While she took interest in the culture of San Marino and its history, Kamilla also always dreamed of performing at Junior Eurovision. Having watched the qualifying rounds and the live final, she wondered how children of her age could get to such a "wonderful" content - and then the idea hit her. Why not send a recording of her new song to the television station in San Marino? And so she did, plucking up the courage, Kamilla send the song and crossed her fingers!

When the producers contacted her parents and informed them that she was approved by the channel management to represent San Marino at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Kamilla was filled with delight and surprise! From then on, the hard work started - translating the song into Italian, and further learning the language; having vocal lessons and choreography classes; creating ideas for the performance and shooting the video. Her life changed incredibly from that moment on.

Aside from Junior Eurovision, Kamilla and her friends from the "S. T. A. R. S" Academy of cinema and show-business host a music chart called "Kids' Top 10 with Yana Rudkovskaya", and also present a fashion/music program called "TrYnd-Fashion". She is also a lover of horses, and enjoys racing with them.

Kamilla enjoys getting into the world behind the looking glass, and behind the camera lens - so it's no surprise that her song is called "The Mirror". Her motto in life is simple: "Never give up, and chase your dreams. Don't pay attention to obstacles, they'll go away". Considering where that approach has got her already, it seems like Kamilla's way of thinking is one to take note of!

What are the highest achievements in your career as an artist?

It seems, I haven’t had too many remarkable achievements in my career so far, but obviously, this counts as the biggest achievement of all; - getting to the finals of the Junior Eurovision!

2. Could you please tell us about your song, - what makes it interesting and remarkable?

My song has a very deep meaning. It is about a girl who has managed to overcome her fears, meet herself; has learnt how to live in harmony with her own reflection – her alter ego.

3. What do you want to achieve by taking part in the Junior Eurovision?

As for me, participating in the Junior Eurovision is a great achievement in itself, - my childhood dream come true! But still, I want as many people as possible to listen to my song and fall in love with it, and certainly I want to win!

4. From what do you draw inspiration?

I get inspiration from people who listen to my songs and who like them, who start smiling or begin to think while listening, - I get the greatest inspiration from them, - my viewers and listeners.

5. What would you say to your fans?
Never give up and go for your dream! Don’t let obstacles get in your way.

6. Tell me something else interesting about yourself or your song (your performance/routine (номер)), something that we have not asked you yet?

Originally the song was written in English. After the song was chosen to represent the wonderful state of San Marino at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, we urgently had to write the lyrics in Italian, - this is because of the contest’s strict rules; - not less than 75 % of the words must be written in the language of the participating country. I had to start taking Italian classes immediately, and to be honest, I have fallen in love with the language! But generally speaking, a great deal of people are working with me - voice coaches, choreographers, record producers and many others. I am very thankful to all my team and I am sure things will turn out exactly as planned!

7. Your personal attitude to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest? What does it mean to you?

"The Junior Eurovision" has always been something special to me, something which I could only dream of. Every time watching the contest I was wondering how kids of my age could perform there? But today I realize, if you wish for something so strong and you work hard, anything is impossible, even flying to the moon!

Камилла Исмаилова, 11 лет
22 июля 2004 года, Москва, Россия

Юная певица, актриса, телеведущая из России.
Любит лошадей, занимается конным спортом.

В раннем детстве Камилла побывала вСан Марино. И уже тогда эта небольшая страна запала ей в душу. Язык, атмосфера, люди со своим ритмом жизни, своими традициями. И тогда Камилла пообещала себе, что когда-нибудь она обязательно свяжет с ней свою судьбу. Как? Жизнь покажет! Она стала интересоваться культурой страны, её историей.
А еще она всегда мечтала попасть на Детское Евровидение - смотрела отборочные туры, финал и удивлялась: как дети моего возраста попадают на этот чудесный конкурс?
И в какой-то момент ей в голову пришла странная мысль — я не отправить ли запись её новой песни на телевидение Сан Марино? Набралась смелости и отправила!
Когда с её родителями связались продюсеры и сообщили, что она утверждена руководством телеканала представлять Республику Сан Марино на Детском Евровидении, её восторгу и удивлению не было предела.
Но она даже не предполагала, какая сложная работа ждет её впереди — перевод песни на итальянский, изучение итальянского языка, ежедневные занятия с педагогов по вокалу и хореографом, генерация идей, постановка номера, съемка клипа! Это перевернуло всю её жизнь!
Она словно попала в Зазеркалье — ведь неспроста её песня называется «Зеркало».

Девиз Камиллы в жизни: Никогда не сдавайся и иди к своей мечте! Помни, что если на препятствия не обращать внимание, то они обидятся и уйдут!

Ответы Камиллы на вопросы для EBU Intravet:

Какие твои наивысшие достижения в творческой карьере?
Серьезных творческих достижений, как мне кажется, я пока имею не так много. И, безусловно, самым большим своим достижением считаю выход в финал «Детского Евровидения»

Расскажи о своей песне - что в ней интересного, особенного?
В моей песне очень глубокий смысл. В ней поётся о том, как девочка поборола свои страхи, саму себя, научилась жить с гармонии со своим отражением — вторым «я».

Чего ты хочешь достигнуть, выступая на Детском Евровидении?
Для меня само участие в финале «Детского Евровидения» - уже большое достижение, реализация своей большой мечты из детства. Но мне бы хотелось, чтобы мою песню услышали и полюбили как можно больше людей и, конечно, очень хотелось бы победить!

В чём ты черпаешь вдохновение?
Я черпаю вдохновение в тех людях, которые слушают мои песни, которым они нравятся,которых они заставляют улыбнуться или задуматься — в своих зрителях и слушателях.

Что бы ты хотела сказать своим поклонникам?
Никогда не сдавайтесь и идите к своей мечте. Помните, что если на препятствия не обращать внимание, то они обидятся и уйдут.
Расскажи еще что-нибудь интересное о себе и своей песне (своем номере), о чем мы тебя еще не спросили
Первоначально песня была написана на английском языке. После того, как её выбрали представлять замечательное государство Сан Марино на Д»етском Евровидении», пришлось срочно писать итальянский текст, ведь по строгим правилам этого конкурса не менее 75% текста должно быть на языке страны-участниц. Мне срочно пришлось брать уроки итальянского языка. И, честно скажу, я в него практически влюбилась!
А вообще со мной работает очень много людей - преподаватели по вокалу, хореографы, постановщики, продюсеры и многие другие. Я очень благодарна всей своей команде и уверена, что у нас все получится именно так, как задумано!

Твое личное отношение к Детскому Евровидению? Что оно для тебя значит?
«Детское Евровидение» для меня всегда было чем-то особенным, о чем я могла только мечтать. Каждый раз я смотрела этот конкурс и удивлялась, как дети моего возраста там выступают? Но сегодня я поняла, что если сильно захотеть и упорно трудиться, то все возможно, даже на Луну полететь!

Gli autori di Mirror

Il cantautore Piero Romitelli si avvicina alla musica sin da piccolo grazie alla passione trasmessa dal padre.
Studia pianoforte e canto e partecipa a diverse rassegne e concorsi regionali ottenendo ottimi consensi.
nel 2004 entra nel talent di Amici arrivando fino alla fase serale.
nel 2006 con l’amico Pietro Napolano forma il duo Pquadro, partecipano e vincono Sanremolab, concorso che permette loro di partecipare a Sanremo Giovani nel 2007.
Presentano al Festival “Malinconiche sere” e conquistano il terzo posto, alle spalle di Fabrizio Moro, oltre al secondo posto nel premio della critica e stampa/tv
Il brano è ai vertici dell’airplay radiofonico ed entra in top ten tra i più venduti in Italia.
I Pquadro sono gli interpreti italiani della colonna sonora del film Disney High School Musical 2, disco che venderà oltre 180 000 copie.
Una volta sciolto il duo, Piero Romitelli decide di dedicarsi al songwriting per altri artisti.
Dal 2014 è autore in esclusiva Sony atv e in questi anni ha scritto per alcuni dei più grandi interpreti della musica contemporanea: Marco Mengoni, Dear Jack, Raf, Chiara Galiazzo, Francesco Renga, Michele Bravi (Vincitore X factor)
Tra i singoli di maggior successo ricordiamo “Domani è un altro film”, (13 milioni di visualizzazioni su Youtube) “Non me ne accorgo”, “il Mondo Esplode” (interpretato dai Dear Jack a Sanremo 2015).
I suoi brani sono stati inseriti in cd nei quali compaiono firme prestigiose come Tiziano Ferro, James Blunt, Luca Carboni, Cesare Cremonini, Ivano Fossati, Gianna Nannini e Giorgia, album che hanno ottenuto dischi di platino e multi platino.

Piero Romitelli
(born on June 30th, 1986)
songwriter, he starts doing music at a very early age, a passion transmitted by his father.
He takes piano and singing lessons and takes part in many festivals and regional contests gaining overall appreciation.
In 2004 he takes part to the Mediaset talent show 'Amici', reaching the final phase.
In 2006 he wins Sanremolab with the singing duo 'Pquadro' formed with his friend Pietro Rapolano and they are admitted to the Sanremo festival. Consequently, in 2007 they take part to Sanremo Giovani with the song 'Malinconiche sere' reaching the third position. The hit is an Italian Top Ten sellers and is among the most played radio singles.
The duo 'Pquadro' are the Italian interpreters of the Disney High School Musical 2 original soundtrack selling more than 180.000 copies.
The duo breaks up and Piero Romitelli starts working as a songwriter.
Since 2014 he works exclusively for Sony atv. In these years he wrote for some of the more important Italian musicians: Marco Mengoni, Dear Jack, Raf, Chiara Galiazzo, Francesco Renga, Michele Bravi (X factor winner).
Among the successful singles: “Domani è un altro film”, (13 millions click on Youtube) “Non me ne accorgo”, “il Mondo Esplode” (sung by 'Dear Jack' at Sanremo 2015).
Songs by Piero are in albums by: Tiziano Ferro, James Blunt, Luca Carboni, Cesare Cremonini, Ivano Fossati, Gianna Nannini e Giorgia, albums who received single and multi platinum awards.

Having produced for acts such as Stockholm Syndrome and Hani, Andrelli takes it to the next level of merging classical sounds with a modern feel. A flexible producer who can be creative on every genre and make it sound like his own. Andrelli is now ready to show the planet that there are no rules in music. Only creativity, imagination and magic.



Josefin has been surrounded with music since childhood, growing up in a recording studio, with parents still active in the music-industry. She has been behind the microphone since the age of six. She started singing back-up for her mother at the age of 12 and from there she just continued. Many hours was spent behind the mixing-table of her ather’s
studio, watching and being inspired by musicians and singers at work.

At the age of 16 she moved to France and it would take 12 years before she would return home to Sweden. After a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Emerson College, Boston, and a diploma from Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, Los Angeles, she found herself starting singing back-up again for different local bands in LA.

Her career as a songwriter started for real when she meet Guy Chambers, Robbie Williams producer and co-writer. Josefin sang back-up on a track on Robbie Williams album Escapology (Cursed) and got to work for Guy as a demo-singer due to this. During this collaboration Guy encouraged her to write own material and to move back to Sweden. She moved back in 2003 and started Kulturama’s music production program. Ever since then she has been writing, for others as well as for herself. In 2011 she released her debut album, Better Days. In 2012 she signed with Firefly. Today she mainly works out of her studio, co-writing and writing to tracks. In the spring of 2014 she will start traveling and writing more focused after a long maternity leave.